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What a nice day to relax ;*

how to ask a girl out;

Get that motherfucker alone, so no one else is with you. Sit her the fuck down and sit down right next to her. Give her something, like idk chocolate or whatever the fuck girls like, tampons or some shit. Hold her hands, both of them, not just one cause that’s fucking pussy. Look into her eyes, deep as fuck, do that shit don’t just think about doing it. Stay there for a few seconds, hold that position then when you have big enough balls ask the bitch out. Just five simple words ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ cause that shit’s cuter than ‘will you go out with me?’ After all this you will have a girlfriend then you will come back and thank me for this. Have fun being in a relationship fuckers.

—if someone asked me out like this I’d be like ok yes please 

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Me when someone says it’s snowing.

Best friend.

Dis is meee :)
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